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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 19, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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have really gotten going in fergusen around midnight. we want to make sure we have that covered for you if news breaks. we'll be back at midnight with a special kelly file. in the meantime, sean hannity continues our coverage now. >> this is a fox news alert, we are monitoring two major developing stories. night has fallen in st. louis in the suburb of ferguson, missouri. police are bracing for more violent protests in the wake of the shooting death of michael brown. our cameras are on every corner of the city, and we will bring you all those scenes from the ground throughout the hour. as the investigation continues, a st. louis post dispatch reporter is saying that at least 12 sources have now come forward corroborating officer darren wilson's side of the story. coming up, we're going to hear from dana lash who spoke with the alleged friend of wilson and gave her bombshell account of what happened that night. tensions remain high in st. louis, hours after police
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fatally shot a man carrying a knife. and according to reports, the suspect refused to put his weapon down and tried to attack them, before they were forced to open fire. meanwhile, also tonight there are late breaking developments and reports that the terror group isis has in fact beheaded an american journalist, james foley, who went missing some two years ago. katherine harris is standing by with those details tonight. a very sad tragic ending in washington. >> that's right. the president was bereaved on air force one about the isis video claiming to show the execution of james foley who was kidnapped in syria two years ago. the video is being analyzed by an elite group within the u.s. intelligence community that specializes in media exploitation. they are assessing whether the images and the voice match foleys as well as the credibility and terrorist ties of the individual who posted the tape. while three sources suggest
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there is little doubt about the tape's validity. there's no public confirmation from the state department about his status. it's genuine we are appalled by the brutal murder of an incertainty american journalist, and we express our deepest condolences to his family and friend friends and will provide more information as it's available. earlier today -- >> they're getting a significant number of recruits. they're a sexy jihadist organization because they're showing they can be effective and communicate their message. >> within the last few minutes, a statement was posted to facebook and she appears to confirm that her son was murdered. she's never been prouder of him.
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and she calls on the kidnappers to spare the lives of the remaining hostages. >> there are reports that there are other reporters being held by different terrorist groups. and they're threatening if america continues the bombing, this type of retaliation, the beheading of an innocent american in this case, would happen further. have you heard anything about that? >> we believe that isis has at least two own americans in their custody. one is also a journalist, and the second we believe is a u.s. aide worker. sean? >> katherine, sad report tonight. before we get back to ferguson, we have reaction tonight to this horrible act of brutality by these radical islamists. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is with us. there's a level of depravity and evil and barbaric behavior by this group, isis. if you could say there's a more evil group than al qaeda, this is it. i'm watching the president, he's on vacation. paid very little attention, gave very little support to our
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allies in israel. it seems like he does not want to come to grips with how brutal this push is for this islamic califate. am i right or wrong? >> no, you're right. here's a president that can't come to grips with ferguson, missouri. this is tragic, i'm appalled by it, but not surprised by it. my sympathy goes out to the family of mr. foley ap and to the other two hostages who are not coming back. and it's an important point. we cannot let our policy, the future of the middle east be held hostage to isis or the islamic state's threats. the only correct response to this kind of atrocity would be to hit islamic state targets. strategic targets, hit them massively in what used to be syria and iraq. punish them. it won't stop them from the brutality. this is a fight to the death.
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and our president and the governing elite of this country, including too many republicans refuse to come to grips with the gravity, with the deep powerful profound nature of this threat, that does menace americans. they take a very long term view. and in the long range -- we're the long range target, make no mistake about it. as far as brutality goes. they are far worse than al qaeda. al qaeda, as obnoxious as it was had some ethical standards. these people are just butchers. >> well, i -- if this is what they're now doing, either you stop bombing or we're going to continue to behead your journalist journalists -- this is what's happening now. i understand the president was briefed. my question to the president is, what are you going to do about this? what does he plan to do?
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is he going to bomb them further? is this a declaration of war? is this going to pass? what is the response to this? >> i'm afraid he will restrain our bombing. you can't do it. i am sorry for these guys that got themselves captured, i really am. i pity them and i feel empathy with them. that cannot control our policy. we are in a fight. we don't have to like it, and i personally don't like it, but we are in a death match. and this apocalyptic group is beyond the understanding of people like our president and the washington and new york and cambridge elite. they don't understand that this is about religion. they're not religious themselves. sean, our elite don't believe in god, in religion, except for the poor people who collect guns. and so they don't understand the transformative power of
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religion. the appeal and the excuse religion provides. to these young men who are slaughtering, raining, kidnapping, stealing in their god's name. it is incredibly powerful, the most determined. not always the most deadly, but the most determined opponents throughout history, that civilization has faced have been the killers who kill in god's name. >> the administration officials said the idea that the califate could happen is not true. we see the beheading, we see people forced out of their homes, convert or die, pay taxes. yet they advance and take city after city that we have fought for. >> sean, the califate is real. it's here and now, or there and now. i have suspected for a long time that brennen was the guy behind that junior varsity remark obama made about the islamic state. it was nice he retracted that. these guys are playing in the
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super bowl of terror. they're not jv. and the whole -- not just obama tries to downplay it. on the whole, people in washington, new york, cambridge, san francisco and l.a. don't want to be bothered. bewear of klee shares, i keep hearing we can't do anything, the american public is war weary, we might be tired of some aspects of war, we're not cowards. once you get outside the beltway, we're not cowards, and i think the american people understand this nature of threat, it's the governing elite that doesn't. >> thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. the authorities in ferguson missouri, they are preparing to respond yet another night of potentially violent protests. and tomorrow, the attorney general is set to arrive in the st. louis suburb as his agency takes a larger role in the
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investigation into the shooting death of michael brown. for the latest on the ground at this hour, we turn to fox's own steve harrigan, he's in ferguson tonight. steve? >> you can get a look at these protesters behind me. one thing you will notice, they continue to chant hands up, don't shoot. their numbers are way down over the past 24 hours, it looks like about 150 protesters, a lot of young men in the front marching, they have to march or else the police will arrest them. they're not allowed to standstill on the sidewalks. the numbers are down, because of a couple of reasons. appeals by police. stand down once the sun goes down. it appears most people have owe bad that call from all sides to not protest tonight. we see and hear about 150 chanting and spirited and angry group as they pass the police here. but numbers way down, apparently
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listening to their own leaders as well as police. about 150 strong, which is a tenth of what we saw last night, sean. >> has there been any violence there tonight, steve? >> it is a lot less, as far as numbers and a lot calmer than last night, of course, this can spark and change quickly, we've seen a number of arrests, there was another shooting death in st. louis today. that has not increased the numbers, about 1/10 of the number of people on the street tonight that we saw last night. >> what are they saying, i can't fully saying? what are they actually chanting. >> there's two different chants we've been hearing, one is mike brown, the 18-year-old boy who was killed. and also hands up don't shoot. they look at the police and shout at the police when they go
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by. in a sort of -- you can really sense the anger when they do that. the police stand there with their batons and watch them go by silently. >> would any of the people there talk to you? >> yeah, a lot of people talk to me. if you have a question, ask them. >> are they totally convinced that -- we have other reports out there, we're going to play audio from the alleged friend of the officer who has a different story. is there any willingness to hear the full story from the other side. or have they made their mind up that this was done by the police officer and -- >> can i ask you a question, sir? are you 100% convinced that the police officer is guilty of killing michael brown? >>. >> it's capital murder. >> it's murder? >> it's capital murder, death row. >> do you think there are two sides to this? or are you convinced?
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>> i'm pretty much convinced. there should be a investigation, but the investigation should be done by the prosecuting attorney, we have a special prosecutor -- >> we are! >> steve, does he believe the man is innocent until proven guilty? >> we are! >> one more question for you, sir. is a man innocent until proven guilty? >> you know, our colored people are innocent until proven guilty, but the problem is, we get locked up whenever there's action against us. he should be locked up. then proven innocent if he's innocent. he should be locked up. >> all right, we lost steve harrigan there, we're going to go back to ferguson missouri all throughout the night tonight. we have a lot of reporters on the ground. coming up, you're going to hear from an alleged friend of
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officer wilson who recounts exactly what he said is happening on that day. we'll check in with dana lash, also, mark fuhrman reacts to the breaking news of michael brown.
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this is a fox news alert, tonight we continue our live coverage for the protests in missouri. demonstrations are beginning to gather in large numbers yet again on the streets of st. louis. my next guest landed an interview that could be a game changer in the case against derek wilson who was the one who shot michael brown. the caller to our radio program identified herself as josie, she spoke to dana lash on our show,
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and recounted wilson's side of the story. listen to this compelling call. >> they were walking in the middle of the street. he rolled his window down and said, come on, guys, get out of the middle of the street. they refused to, they were yelling back. there was some cussing involved. and then he just kept rolling up and he pulled over, and i believe at that point he called them -- i'm not sure. i know he pulled up head of them, and he was watching them, and he gets the call-in that there was a strong arm robbery, and they get the description. he's looking at them, they have something in their hands that looks like cigars or whatever. he goes in reverse back to them. they slam the door shut violently. and then he opened the car again, as he stands up, michael bum rushes and shoves him back to his car.
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>> darren grabs for his gun. michael grabs the gun ap at one point he got the gun turned against his hip, and darren shoves it away and the gun goes off. michael takes off with his friends. they get to about 35 feet away, and darren's protocol is to pursue, so he stands up and yells. michael and his friend turn around, and michael is taunting him, oh, what are you going to do about it? you're not going to shoot me. and then he said all of a sudden he started to bum rush him, he started coming at him full speed and he just started shooting, and he just kept coming so he really thinks he was on something. he finally ended up, the final shot was in the forehead. and he fell 2, 3 feet in front of the officer. >> joining me now with more is
7:18 pm
the host of the dana show, dana, good to see you. first of all, other news organizations have corroborated that this person is legitimate. did you know that at the time? >> no, i had no idea. and this is what the bizarre thing is, sean. this was on air, this is last friday. and this individual, this woman who is claiming to be a friend of darren wilson and i said at the time it was unverified, it was unvetted. she called in to my radio show, my friday is open line friday. she called and was able to get through to my radio show. my call screener gave me a heads up. something is weird with this one. she's using a fake name, but she said she's a friend of darren wilson, i made it very clear this was an unvetted caller. if this is just someone who's fibbing, she can speculate to the wind. it doesn't mean anything, if this is a weird instance where it could be a legitimate person,
7:19 pm
i'm curious to see whether or not what she says matches up to what the results of this investigation are going to be. the use of force lwv the st. louis post dispatch reporter said there were 12 sources, as i understand it, they're pulling back a little bit on that, there are other sources apparently that do corroborate the police story? >> i was watching that whole thing with christine breyer, that was something she had initially tweeted last night, and earlier today she said it didn't meet the standards for publication. i'm not sure what that's all about, i heard a number of things from different news agencies who said they've been talking with law enforcement. all i know is that when this individual called in, i made it clear it was an unvetted source,
7:20 pm
i wanted to see what they had to say. what she had to say. here's the other thing, shawn. after this, before we even put them, before we put this woman on air, i wanted to make sure i had a phone number, i had a number -- and she would pick up at this number. i'm not just going to put anyone on the air that says they're a friend of whomever. >> i think it was the responsible thing to do the way you handled it. i'm running out of time, when i heard the three eyewitnesss that said, he put his hands up, meaning michael brown. and -- i said, on the air, that's pretty compelling. that's going to be very difficult for the police if you have eyewitnesss saying that. the story is beginning to change a little bit with the person you talked to. if there are other eyewitnesss as the st. louis post dispatch reporter said there were, there's also another witness conversation that was unknowingly captured at the scene that was put on youtube, where you have a witness saying oh, meaning michael brown
7:21 pm
doubled back toward the cop. >> he ran. >> i don't know. >> if i had a body coming this way. >> you mean the police? [ inaudible ] >> the guy said he doubled back, there's two things that are corroborated. there was a strug et in the car
7:22 pm
first. that's where the first shot went off. this changes the scenario, it goes from -- you have two die ya metrically opposed stories here. michael brown put his hands up. the other is, no, he was charging the police officer which would then make this potentially a justifiable use of force, which didn't exist when we heard the first three eyewitnesss, right? >> right. that's absolutely right. and those other witness testimonies, i would like to see if those match up as well. the youtube video you played, i saw that after the call even. there were a couple websites that noted the similarities in what was witnessed, what was being said with this. i want to add too, i don't know why spike lee had been brought in to comment on this. he gave out an older couple's address during the george zimmerman's issue. if this was orchestrated, explain the youtube director as
7:23 pm
well. >> thanks for being with us. there's other things, i don't think eric holder should be on the ground tomorrow. his comments about congress. no attorney general, no president has ever been treated like this, suggesting race was not involved. anyway, so on the night before the grand jury is set, in fact to convene, to determine whether or not to file charges against officer darren wilson. the grand jury must decide. this video is coming forward. >> the attorney general of the united states have a job to do. their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of michael brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly and correctly. >> joining me now with reaction and much more, lapd detective
7:24 pm
mark fuhrman. first, your reaction to that. it seems like a lot of people here have rushed to judgment. it happens often in high profile cases like this, what's your reaction? >> well, sean, you know, a homicide investigation which this is should be conducted in a vacuum, so the detectives cannot be sidetracked by all this drama going on, especially by politicians. when the governor of the state in which this officer resides and works calls for his head, i think it trickles down in a negative way from there and will end up in ferguson. when you have politicians, a crowd holding ferguson. this is a hostage negotiation situation. not a homicide investigation, that's what it's turned into. i pity the grand jury participants, they are going to -- it's going to weigh on them in ways we'll never know and they'll never talk about it. and it's a secret process, i
7:25 pm
really am fearful for this officer, he's not going to get any justice, he's not even going to get a say. >> what about this new information that's coming forward, that he's suggesting, the fact that michael brown was already offing toward him. you assassinated him, and you assassinated his character by releasing the store pushing around a store manager or store clerk and stealing it in such a brazen way. i'm thinking that's important everything h evidence the public needs to know about. the state of mind he's in when he has an encounter with a police officer. >> right. he's doing a strong arm robbery where he throws the owner against a rack of food. now he's walking down the street. the interesting part about this,
7:26 pm
sean, when you look at this objectively, this officer, officer wilson never even had an attempt to actually make any overt law enforcement act, none. he never even had an opportunity to even get out of his car before he was attacked. the whole aggression here was michael brown. he started it. >> let me ask one last question. >> he set it in motion. >> the only good cop is a dead cop. kill the police, then we have the black panthers leading a chant against the officer. i'll play it and remind our audience what was said. >> what's his name? >> darren wilson. >> what is his name. >> darren wilson. >> what's his name? >> darren wilson. >> who do we want? >> darren wilson. >> how do we want him? >> dead. >> who do we want? >> darren wilson. >> how do we want him? >> dead. >> i understand the community upset about an 18-year-old kid
7:27 pm
that is now dead. i want to get to the truth here but in like every other high profile case, what is your reaction to that? >> you listen to it, of course, you can imagine my reaction to it, if the citizens of ferguson, missouri and the united states want law enforcement to simply do nothing, then my advice to my brother officers is put your ipod on and drift through your career. certainly he's not the answer. that's what the public wants, i have no idea why somebody would want to become a police officer in the environment and the way they're treated. they're treated like dirt. >> mark fuhrman, thank you. coming up tonight, a lot more news. david webb spoke to the protesters on the streets of ferguson a short time ago. we'll show you what they had to say straight ahead. it's monday.
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although ferguson leaders urge residents to stay home after dark tonight. protesters continue at this hour, we sent our friend david web along with producers to the streets to talk to protesters. let's take a look. >> what happens if it turns out the officer wasn't guilty? >> i'm not sure. i think it pretty much speaks for itself. i believe he was guilty. i don't think there's any reason he should shoot someone six times. in my opinion, i think that if they don't see he's guilty, there's a really big margin of error in the justice system. >> the peaceful protests are a beautiful thing. all the other radicals -- i don't have words for that, i don't understand it. >> justice needs to be served. somebody was murdered. somebody was shot. doesn't -- usually if someone shoots someone, isn't something
7:31 pm
done to the person that shot them? >> security begins at home, we have to start in our home to build our community up to make our village stronger. it's not just a white thing, a black thing. it's a people thing. regardless of who dies, a life lost is a life lost, it's not replaceable. >> i guess it's a simple question, i don't know what happened. you know, in the beginning i thought it was pretty damning toward the police, three eyewitnesss said michael brown had his hands up. that's pretty compelling. now we have two die ya metrically opposed stories unfolding before our eyes. and again, a high profile case, it seems a rush to judgment, everyone you spoke to made up their mind? >> yeah, and sean, that's what pollutes a lot of this. these are good people by the way, by all appearances i spoke to, they have concerns. when you have language like, he was executed or murdered.
7:32 pm
whether it be by mr. crump, the attorney for the family or the inis a gators, the outsiders that have come into this community which is already troubled in many ways, that's going to cause additional misinformation. i talk to a lot of people who have serious concerns. we talked about their community, what happens when the protests are gone, when the trial is ongoing? what does it look like in the future? how does their community work to fix it, i also hear people saying that the community and the police need to come together. they need to work together. these are the people of ferguson who like many americans want to go on with their lives. unfortunately, they're not in the best of circumstances. they've seen a city go from less than 5% employment in 2000. now it's over 13%. you know, they're worried about their future and -- >> here's what i want to ask. you know, look, i have serious concerns about why so many
7:33 pm
shots. i have -- i'd like to know why there was a struggle inside the car, why did the first shot get fired inside the car, i want to know, who's right here, the people that say that he doubled back and was headed toward the officer? or the people that are saying that he put his hands up? why so many shots in this case? the officer missed and that's when he hit him in the arm three times? >> he wasn't shot in the back. it seems that everybody's just -- for whatever reason, whatever agenda, are you getting any sense of what it is, driving people into one direction and one direction only and making conclusions without all the evidence being heard yet? >> i do hear a lot of that, sean, and they come out with an end result in their statements, the evidence is what you and i -- you and i have done this so many times, the evidence we need to investigate that's fairly determined the cause, even michael bodon in his press conference said, you can't determine the cause just based on what he did.
7:34 pm
so this is going to take some time, the patience. it's the patience that's tough. people want instant answers, they expect it, and we're not going to get that. what we are going to have right now is a very fractured community, nights falling out here, and the police as you can see, as i can see, and as others can attest to, really get intense, very guarded moments. because that attitude you're talking about is pervasive. then you get the instigators, the thugs, the criminals that come into it. and they simply want to insight violence. if i can pan over, i want to show you something. we have wash stations that have been set up. they weren't there before, they've never been set up by the police. this is because they expect the worst and they're thinking ahead, what if we have police officers covered in tear gas residue, are there people they
7:35 pm
may pick up? those wash stations show you what's going on out here. >> david webb, thank you so much. we're going to head back to ferguson missouri for a live report. protests continue now, and then you'll hear from two ferguson business owners whose stores were targeted and looted by rioters earlier this week. coming up. we are born makers. we make things that give you goose bumps. things that adapt and exhilarate... we made a car that reacts to the road before you ever have the chance to. the all-new chrysler 200. america's import. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd.
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this is a fox news alert. the town of ferguson has been rocked by violence. law enforcement officials are saying protesters are using the demonstrations to commit criminal acts. mike tobin is on the ground in ferguson tonight with the latest at this hour. what's going on in the streets? i see the protests are continuing? >> i'm watching the protests right now, it's kind of the tail end of the martha -- going around, they just made the bend in fact, if we go up -- you can
7:41 pm
see the larger concentration of the demonstrators out there. this is a smaller number than we saw last night, than we've seen in previous nights. you have to keep in mind this is a more concentrated group. you heard the call from the leaders to stay home. demonstrate by the day, stay home at night, let the troublemakers have the night. these are people who didn't have the call from the local leaders. one of the local leaders comes out and tries to keep them from clashing with police. when the rest of the people who are out here, these are people who know there's a clash every night. and they're still here. so we have to assume they're anticipating a clash. as far as the police presence out here, i can show you what's going on with the police. they're in light tactical gear. come over this way. i want to show you what they're hooked up with, kind of like tactical gear. gas masks are here, flack jacket is right there. these guys are ready for it, we
7:42 pm
have officers with the heavier tactical gear who are positioned differently than we've seen them in nights passed. often times they've been back at the command certainer, they come with the summit. now we have the heavy tactical vehicles. they're in the north end of the street, they have dogs with them tonight. those are the different things we're seeing here tonight. have you to anticipate there will be a clash, there's been a clash every night except one. sean? >> did you say malik tries to keep them peaceful? because he -- wasn't that the same guy that was chanting, what's his name? darren wilson? what do we want? we want him dead? isn't that the same guy? >> we saw with malik shabazz. >> that was him, i'm sure. >> i can't name him, but what i did say i saw him doing last night, is forming a line between the police and the younger demonstrators who really were hungry for a clash.
7:43 pm
and tried to keep them separate. didn't work that well, ultimately it melted down into a flash last night. i have to assume that he's out here tonight again to try to assume some sort of position of leadership. and it looked last night like he was trying to minimize the extent they were clashing, sean. >> joining me now from ferguson, two store owners who had their businesses targeted by looters and rioters during the protest. welcome both of you to the program. sunny, tell us what happened to your >> well, on saturday night early morning i had a break-in. people were in my store basically looting. we called 911, the police said they can't do much about it. and they can't come in. i had to come in myself. after a few hours i was able to get into the street.
7:44 pm
the street was blocked, and it's just a complete devastation, looking at the place. the difference, what it was when i left it and what it was when i found it. it was just a tremendous difference. glass all over, shattered, merchandise was missing. >> we're seeing right now. tell us about -- >> it was. >> my son was there at the store until 10:00, i told him, hey, come on down the store. as soon as he left the store, the alarm company called him and said there's a break-in at the store. he called me at home and i have surveillance at the house, i can watch my store. i saw there were about 30, 40 kids breaking, knocking my windows down and the shooting. and i called the police.
7:45 pm
there is a big crowd out of my store. by the time they get there, they break in and empty almost my store with liquor. beer, and try to put my store on fire at the same time. sunny said he found some liquor bottles in the store. they brought in there, and had a picnic in your store. >> nobody should have to go through that. >> that's one of the sadder parts of this story. and i hope you guys get your stores up and running. it's very difficult in this economy to have a business going. i'm sorry what happened to you. thank you both for being with us. coming up next tonight, as the news continues right here on hannity. >> there are young black men that commit crimes. and we can argue about why that happened. because of the poverty they were born into, and the lack of opportunity. >> president obama's comments
7:46 pm
from yesterday, the wake of the michael brown shooting. when we come back, is eric holder the right guy to send to ferguson in light of him saying, america is a nation of cowards? [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function
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this is a fox news alert. protests continue in gerg gus onand here with reaction of "please stop helping us" jason riley. back with us from ferguson, jason webb. eric holder this, is a guy that said oh, look at how they treat the president, suggesting that you know, that in other words without a shred of evidence, a guy said we're a nation of powers on race. >> he's not the only one. these two men, let's recall, locked arms with al sharpton up in harlem
7:52 pm
where they said these things. republicans are trying to disenfranchise black voters? i don't think they have a lot of credibility with a large portion of the american public. i think the role of the president should be to condemn the wrong doers. >> what is the feeling on the ground, david? you talked to a lot of people all day, all night tonight. what is the feeling of people about eric holder? about al sharpton, about reverend jackson, about president obama. is there any feeling for that? >> a lot of people are focused on local police they talk about the governor, the conversations are not about eric holder. i suspect, sean, after he gets here, and whatever plays out we'll see him, see more reaction. but i'm going to give you a quote from a young man i spoke to sums up what you're talking about. it says if there is no justice,
7:53 pm
there will be no peace. that is coming from someone on the ground here. and that is a dangerous attitude to have. >> let me go back to this main question here. originally i heard the first eye witness said no, he had his hands up, and he was shot in the back. i'm thinking that is pretty damning evidence against the police now, we've got a very different narrative advanced by other people that maybe michael brown lunged at the officers then went towards him. two sources now saying that. >> we have these multiple narrati narratives. information is still trickling in. we have a political class that wants to jump to conclusions we have a white house for reasons of optics and appearances wants to show they're doing something to the black community and left wing race, and they're creating more
7:54 pm
trouble. >> we've had an american journalist beheaded by isis. and a president on martha's vineyard, now going to jazz festivals and playing 29 hours' worth of golf. thank you both. thank you, jason, congratulating you on your book more "hannity" coming up right after the break. your eyes. even 10 miles away. they can see the light of a single candle. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins for your eyes, heart and brain. now, with a new easy to swallow coating.
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that is all the time we have this evening. tomorrow, we anticipate at rival of the attorney general who say we're a nation of powers. and we weigh charges against officer-involved shooting. before we go, set your dvr to
8:00 pm
record "hannity" the series. we'll see you back here tomorrow, stay tuned, shepherd smith continues the coverage in ferguson, missouri right here, right now on fox. >> breaking tonight the governor of missouri appeared to choose sides. in telling the world what should happen, in the investigation of a police officer accused of killing an 18-year-old black man on the streets of ferguson, missouri, and demontrators gather, demanding murder charges, the governor releases a prepared video statement. >> their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of michael brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly, and correctly. >> a vigorous prosecution must be pursued. think of the content. tomorrow morning a grand jury is, we're told, set to


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